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Life & Holistic Coaching


My 1:1 coaching take place at magical locations here in Ibiza or also online via zoom.

I support you in your goal setting, the solving of a problem or conflict in all areas of life, and your self-healing regarding physical and mental issues.


For 15 years, I am busy studying the topic of self-love and live my life the way it feels good to me.


That’s the reason why self-love and taking care of your body is a big part of my coaching.


I advise you in nutrition and provide you with tools to heal your body and soul.


I am guiding you on your way of self-healing with the help of two mediation- and breathing techniques. Two important tools, in my experience, to live courageously and the way you want to live.

Quantum Healing and EFT (Tapping) 1:1

Easily, we are going to transform your life and shift your paradigms towards more positivity, to strengthen your relationships, your success, and self-love.


Together, we can get rid of your inner critic and pain.


So that you can live your life to the fullest and enjoy it in all areas of life.

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